Engine Rebuilding Service

The engine of your truck is the heart of your rig. While an engine rebuilding service sounds invasive, all trucks will eventually need to have their engines rebuilt as sometimes it is not possible to service the deep pistons and mechanics without dismantling the entire engine.

When your engine is taken apart, we will begin by ensuring all elements are properly cleaned so that all parts can effectively utilize the lubrication without exerting extra force due to clogged mechanisms. Unlike the other truck and transmission repair shops in the Gary, IN area, Truck Repair, Inc differentiates itself with custom welding on site, meaning none of your parts will need to go to a third party for repair. Our diesel repair team knows the ins and outs of the engine and hydraulic systems that keep you moving.

What are the signs that you might need an engine rebuilding service? If you notice your fuel consumption has gone up for the same amount of miles or excessive white smoke billowing from your exhaust pipe even when the engine is cold. When you notice these signs it’s best not to wait and seek a truck repair shop such as Truck Repair, Inc to provide a professional engine rebuilding service.

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